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Who doesn't love a Luxury bathing inside a Frameless shower glass partition. Every body loves a spa and steamy shower with good water pressure. You will overwhelm and feel good for shopping a perfect shower for your beloved family. Just to get that, we help you to get the best shower partition at your place.

Below are the different types of Shower models we propose to our customers. Please check and order now.

• Sliding Partition
• Swing Door / Open Type Door Partition
• Center Door Partition
• L-type Partition
• Free Walk-in type Partition
• Quadrant Type Partition

Sliding Partition

This type of partition is suitable for many types of arrangements in the bathrooms. By doing this, your shower gives a spacious shower area due to the creation of Rectangular/Square space in the shower. The sliding partition open and closed by the help of metal slider wheels over a slider track at the top of the partition. The Slider wheels are not over the floor for one good reason that they can get jammed over the period of time falling of water on it. This partition doesn't come with Handle / Towel Holder. Our design promote the safe movement of slider wheels on the track.

Swing Door / Open Type Door Partition

Open able door type partition have been popular installation today. They are good to maintain, long lasting and comes with the additional option called towel holder which is associated with door handle. This partition is sturdy and strong enough to hold itself.

Center Door Partition

This type of partition is done when you have larger size bathrooms and shower creation is purposely very spacious. This partition is also suitable when the shower side walls are at larger length compare to the usual sizes suitable for other partitions.

They are good looking and easy to enter and comes with towel holder which is associated with door handle. This partition is strong and usually comes with 3 piece partitions.

L-Type Partition

This type of partition is meant to fit where your shower is created at the two corner walls and L-type partition is used to cover the same area from water spilling out and wetting all over the floor.

This is most popular way of partitioning for the best compact shower steam experience. With the good water pressure, it's an awesome experience for one to have in his/her bathroom.

Free Walk-In type partition

You walk freely for shower is what is the concept behind this. This is budgetary type of glass partition. Good when the glass is designed with designer stickers from us. It is optimal to have when you have space constraint. 50 % water spilling can be avoided only.

Have to manage water spill with the shower mat at the entrance of the shower entry point. Also suitable for elders where they have minimum effort to walk-in and take bath.

Quadrant Type Partition

This type of partition consist of Swing/Open able door, mostly inside to the shower area. This partition is beautiful, sturdy and reliable. You can have the shower experience as similar to the L-Type partition. It is evident that with the side supporting strong walls, this partition is going to look gorgeous.

If you want one to get this type of Shower Room/Partition wall Created, Please Call RedoBath® on +91-9980312009


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     I enquired Redobath on their contact number 9980312009. The response was good and very friendly. They promised to visit my residence to inspect and provide me the Free Estimation. To my surprise, the executive called me 15mins before confirming his arrival and it was dead sharp he was at my doorstep. I am imrpressed. They took the measurement, counselled me and helped me guiding what i should find. They are truly professionals. - Mr. Selva

     I would say thanks to the expert from Redobath who visiting my flat recently to fix up the master bath shower enclosure. What a change from our old shower. And it all happened in just hours! The men you sent to install our shower arrived right on time, knew what they were doing. They removed all debris that accumulated during the installation and the bathroom looked beautiful when they left. We are delighted to appreciate the Redobath. - Debal Prasad M.


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