To know more about this product, please call on +91-9980021200 and immediate order can be placed and delivered. Installation of the same can be done immediately. Bidets are primarily used to wash and clean the genitalia, perineum, inner buttocks, and anus. We provide you the most sophisticated reasonable in price bidet for the healthy and safe life to you and your family.

These bidet toilets have been popular in countries like India since British colonial days, as the use of just dry toilet paper to clean the perinea area is considered dirty and unhygienic. The nozzle is sometimes controlled with an external tap within the reach of the hand. Traditionally, local style squatting toilets have been more common in India and are more convenient to most Indians, especially of the lower income groups. But with the rise of westernization, western style bowls have started becoming more common, and the most convenient way to wash the perinea area with these bowls is simply to attach a bidet nozzle.

Bidet attachments are sometimes included on hospital toilets because of their utility in maintaining hygiene.

These are also applicable to us in public toilets, hostels, government offices, Executive toilets, Restrooms in IT Parks.

Healthy & Hygienic
Hands-free = Germs-free. When you use your hands to clean there is a very high probability that you could be a carrier of some of the most dangerous diseases like Hepatitis, Typhoid, Cholera, Diarrhea, Gastroenteritis etc. With Hygiclean auto wash bidets, you don’t have to use your hands at all, just press a button or turn a knob to enjoy a thorough cleaning experience.

Medical Benefits

Especially suited for people with loss of mobility who find it frustrating and difficult to perform everyday functions. Our bidets help the physically challenged regain comfort and dignity by having control over their own cleaning experience. The soothing aerated wash benefits people suffering from hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome and Chron’s disease, and the enema wash for those suffering from constipation.

Dry Toilets

Mugs and water faucets create water spillage and result in wet and messy toilets. Our bidets don’t let any water spill outside the WC as the spray is from within it, resulting in dry and hassle-free maintenance for your


All our products enhance the look of your toilet with cutting-edge and contemporary designs and quality that you can see and truly feel.

Easy Installation

No special plumbing required - our products can be easily installed on to any existing or new WC (commode).


We have products in Manual operations as well as Electronic operations. Both are very convenient to use and hygienic for life.

MB-100 - Manual Bidet -- Rs. 2445

A great entry level model at excellent value for hands-free rear auto wash hygiene. Fits on to most existing or new WCs/ seats.

MBP - 100 -- Travel Kit - Rs. 4961

This portable bidet is battery operated and has an inbuilt pump that provides adequate water pressure for a thorough wash. Simply add cold/warm tap water to the device and press a button for a refreshing posterior or anterior wash (for ladies). Ideal for travel, hospital use, elders, physically challenged, and children. Carry convenience and hygiene wherever you go!

MHS - 100 - Automatic Seat Changer -- Rs. 13450/-

Finally a product that addresses the major issue of unhygienic toilet seats in public places. This auto-seat cover changer provides a fresh wrap-around clean seat cover before every use at the press of a button. Ideal for multiple users, especially ladies in public places like offices, schools, airports, hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls etc.

MB SM 100 - Manual Bidet - Rs. 4489

A compact rear wash model that has provides a unique option for placing the regulator on either the left or right side thus making it convenient for both right-handed and left-handed individuals. Fits on to almost all existing or new WCs irrespective of size or shape.

MBA 211 - Manual Bidet - Rs. 4961/-

An ideal family basic bidet. Twin nozzles for front and back wash with pressure control provide an accurate and refreshing cleaning experience for all users. Fits on to most existing or new WCs/

MBA 212 - Manual Bidet - Rs. 5668/-

Enjoy a warm water wash with adjustable temperature control. Twin nozzles for front and back wash with pressure control provide an accurate and refreshing cleaning experience for all users. Fits on to most existing or new WCs/ seats.

MBE 402 - Electronic Bidet - Rs. 33,179/-

Enjoy a variety of features like a gentle aerated bubble wash, a cyclic pulse wash, instant warm water, a warm seat and many more for added comfort and convenience in your toilet. This premium yet affordable model offers the best in hygiene, care, luxury and style with no compromises.

MBE 602R Electronic Bidet - Rs. 42,768/-

Enjoy the luxuries of convenience and comfort at the press of a button. This model comes with an easy to use and intuitive remote control that helps you instantly access its numerous features such as a gentle aerated bubble wash, a cyclic pulse wash, instant warm air, a warm seat and warm air dryer etc. plus a deodorizer to remove foul odors and leave the air fresh and


These are also applicable to us in public toilets, hostels, government offices, Executive toilets, Restrooms in IT Parks.


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